About PACE Multisport

Vancouver Island’s triathlon coaches

Our commitment is in our name: Performance Athletics Competitive Excellence.

As certified NCCP and IRONMAN-certified triathlon coaches, we bring a wealth of training, racing and instructional knowledge to our triathlon coaching programs and multisport clinics and camps.
As multisport athletes with more than 25 years of combined triathlon training and racing experience, we know what it takes to succeed at every level. We’ve raced and trained for every triathlon distance – from sprint to IRONMAN – and taken on many other challenges, including the West Coast Trail, marathons, Gran Fondo events, centurions and much more!

Our mission is to help you achieve your best results ever through customized triathlon coaching and personal, one-on-one attention. An independent, Comox Valley-based multisport coaching company, we’ve been helping recreational and elite athletes realize their personal performance goals since 2014.

Just TRI It!

We provide customized coaching in a number of different formats, including online, one-on-one and group clinics. We offer customized triathlon training programs for sprint, standard, cross triathlon (XTERRA), half and full IRONMAN distances, as well as 10K, half and full marathon running clinics.

Our customized multisport coaching programs help athletes of all ages and performance levels train more effectively, improve finish times and record personal bests they hadn’t thought possible!

Meet the PACE Multisport Coaches

Based in the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island

At PACE Multisport, our customized triathlon coaching programs help athletes of all ages and performance levels train more effectively, improve finish times and record personal bests they hadn’t thought possible!

Leanne Gray

Leanne is a highly experienced, incredibly motivated triathlon and multisport coach based in the Comox Valley. Although she came to the sport later in life, she says she couldn’t imagine life without it!

Leanne recently became an IRONMAN Certified Coach and specializes in working with adult athletes who want to take on a new challenge or push themselves that extra distance. It’s her passion for triathlon, and the relationships she builds with her athletes, that truly sets her apart from other multisport coaches.

Leanne has worked as a Recreation Therapist since 1995 and has also worked in the mental health field. Here in the Comox Valley, she’s also well known as an enthusiastic spin instructor. When she isn’t instructing, coaching or training, Leanne loves to hang out with her husband and young sons – who have tried their hand at a triathlon clinic but would rather do karate and baseball. Maybe one day she’ll convince her boys to try a race with her!

Just a few of Leanne’s certifications and accomplishments:

Lynda Magor

Lynda’s extensive triathlon experience at all distances over the last 25 years is a product of her lifelong passion for sport. A former competitive gymnast and national-level rower, and current cross-country ski and iRide Cycling BC instructor, Lynda recognizes the value of cross training; her broad sporting background lends itself to creating fun and diverse training programs.

Like Leanne, Lynda is based in the Comox Valley and enjoys working with all age and performance levels. As a teacher, she really gets a kick out of helping young athletes achieve their personal best performances. Away from work, Lynda spends time recreating (and occasionally relaxing) with her husband and daughters.

Just a few of Lynda's certifications and accomplishments: